Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday 24th June

Hooray, my husband has passed the final part of his Inspectors Exams, congratulations Sully, we're all really proud of you, well done.

I finally finished the white bead commission yesterday and it is beautiful, so simple.
Holiday beads coming up later this week, I'm planning on using as many colours as possible, it will be either inspirational or disastrous, hopefully not the latter!
Just to let you know in advance I'm going away on the 17th July until Saturday August 2nd and I'll have limited access to my emails. I will be putting website listings on hold for a few week, last orders will be taken on Wednesday 16th July and posted out on the 17th. Also I won't be able to take any commissions after Friday 11th July. I'll be back up and running after August 2nd and I'm sure I will have lots of inspiration from my travels in my favourite part of the world, Cornwall.........can't wait! I'll miss my torch though, maybe I'll take him on holiday too, although my Husband might suspect that I've totally lost all sense of 'normal', perhaps it's not such a good idea.

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