Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday 5th June

A gorgeous sunny day.

Both myself and Paul (my husband) have the day off and Eivie's at home too. Paul is busy doing the washing, and is making a pie for the kids tea, it's cruising up to lunchtime and I'm deciding what to do with all the wonderful glass glittering in my kitchen window.

We've a house guest coming to stay today, Susie, an 11 year old Yorkshire terrier and the house has been buzzing with excitement all week. My sister-in-law will be giving birth to her first baby tomorrow and will probably be in hospital for a few days so Susie is staying with us for a while.

I've had quite a few commissions recently and as a result haven't posted very much for sale on my website this week. With the new baby arriving I won't get very much time this weekend either but I'm hoping to have some work ready for next Wednesday.

I met an amazing artist at the weekend, Martin Waters (, he was Spurn Point Lighthouse artist in residence in 2007, and created some amazing sculptures and installations during his time there. He creates his work from things he's salvaged from the beach, I felt so inspired by his work.

Stratisform 4 - by Martin Waters

Colour Strata

Spurn Gloves - an installation at Spurn Point

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