Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday 22nd June

I'm going to offer a free etching service, if you'd prefer any of the beads I've listed etched just let me know when you order, but remember once they're etched there's no going back!

I was supposed to be visiting my cousin in Lincolnshire today but my husband couldn't get the day off work so we've had to give it a rain check, sorry guys we'll sort something out, promise.

I listed lots of new beads last night, I managed to get plenty of torch time this week (thank you Paul) and I've had a great time with it. I've been practicing making shell beads, nearly there so watch this space. I've listed the pink beads I mentioned earlier, it's such a tricky colour, I used Rubo Oro over white in the end, it realy pops giving a rasberry ripple feel, lovely.

Well it's all about the kids today, off to the park (with one of my bead books in my bag) so that they can run their legs off while the sun's out, dark clouds looming so we'll have to be quick.

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Kate x

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