Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Santa

Thought I'd share my kids Christmas Lists to Santa (Bless 'em)

1st up Libby age 7

Dear Santa,

I have tried really hard at school, and I have tried to be nice to my sister. I really like Spongebob and would like anything Spongebob or Polly Pocket for Christmas. I will leave you some really nice cake on Christmas Eve and a Carrot for Rudolf.

Love Libby

Things I would Like

Spongebob Annual
A Puppy you can stroke with a bone
Dayglo Clothes
Big Spongebob Toys
Soap Maker
Perfume Maker
Spongebob Pyjamas
Polly Pocket Bed and House
Polly Pockets

I was quite surprised a fairly modest list for Libby, and Marbles!! Awwwwwww

Next up Eivie age 5

Dear Santa,

I love you, I have been good at school, I have done all my homework. I love Barbie Musketeer.

Love Eivie

Barbie Musketeer Doll
Soft Elephant big massive grey
Toy puppy
Princess Dress
Hello Kitty Toy big massive really really soft
Princess Book
Ariel Toy

I love how Eivie leaves nothing to chance by making it clear just how 'Big Massive' and 'Soft' things should be :0)

What's with the marbles guys?


Vicki said...

aw thats sooo cute!! x

eve said...

awe it's great when they are still into toys, mine just want i-phones, i- pods, computers etc. at least, marbles are cheap, just make them (ha)

Sublime Beads by Kate said...

Make 'em ? tried and failed Eve. I guess I've got it all to come, better start saving..eek