Monday, January 26, 2009

Time Travel

Ever wondered what the inside of H G Wells time machine might look like?

Me neither....but a fellow lampworker Glenn of Steampunk Glass has, so much so that he's begun to create REAL valves and coils using lampworking, for use in the construction of your very own time machine, AWESOME!!

Glenn was kind enough to send me my very own time machine starter kit last week, I'm having a little trouble sourcing the additional componants I need though:

1. Red Velvet Arm Chair
2. Mahogany Wood Base (Polished)
3. Flashing Lights
4. Large Spinning Disk

But I've got my other half on the case ;-)

Here are the parts Glenn sent me

See you in 1841...............................

Thank you Glenn, these really made my week.


Keiara Wells said...

cool beads!! where you hidin' out, sweetheart??

I tagged you in my blog ;P


Sublime Beads by Kate said...

Hi K. Hope you've had a great time with your Daughter :-) K xx

SteamPunkGlass said...

OH! I cringe now at how wonkey they all look! Don't forget for best results you will need a high ower on a hill with lots of aerials to catch the lightning (plays havoc with insurance and TV though) ;-)

Sublime Beads by Kate said...

Oo thnaks for the tip Glenn, I know just the place. Have you ever been to Castle Hill just outside Honley near Huddersfield........