Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Santa

Thought I'd share my kids Christmas Lists to Santa (Bless 'em)

1st up Libby age 7

Dear Santa,

I have tried really hard at school, and I have tried to be nice to my sister. I really like Spongebob and would like anything Spongebob or Polly Pocket for Christmas. I will leave you some really nice cake on Christmas Eve and a Carrot for Rudolf.

Love Libby

Things I would Like

Spongebob Annual
A Puppy you can stroke with a bone
Dayglo Clothes
Big Spongebob Toys
Soap Maker
Perfume Maker
Spongebob Pyjamas
Polly Pocket Bed and House
Polly Pockets

I was quite surprised a fairly modest list for Libby, and Marbles!! Awwwwwww

Next up Eivie age 5

Dear Santa,

I love you, I have been good at school, I have done all my homework. I love Barbie Musketeer.

Love Eivie

Barbie Musketeer Doll
Soft Elephant big massive grey
Toy puppy
Princess Dress
Hello Kitty Toy big massive really really soft
Princess Book
Ariel Toy

I love how Eivie leaves nothing to chance by making it clear just how 'Big Massive' and 'Soft' things should be :0)

What's with the marbles guys?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Shopping, Aaaggghhhhhhh!!!

I don't want to be all bah humbug, I love Christmas but I really hate Christmas shopping with a passion!!

That's it really just wanted to have a moan, I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it.....


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Best Bit

The very very best bit of what I do is seeing the wonderful work created by my customers from my beadies. I received a lovely email today from the very talented Ros Price-Jones
These beads are some the my favourites from this year, I really felt like I was getting there when I made these, and to see them made in to such truly beautiful jewellery is a treat.
Thank you Ros for the pictures, I just LOVE them. Kate xoxoxox

Friday, November 13, 2009

Husbands come in Handy Sometimes ;0)

I saw a picture of a fabulous glass storage system on one of my fellow lampworkers flickr galleries, and I just HAD to have one. Surprisingly Hubby didn't need much persuading to have a go, and look what he made for me for me. All my effetre organised in to number order and some CiM too. Now I need another one for everything else ;0)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Magic and Dragon Frenzie

I'm making lots of these.....................

Ekho Dragons

And these...............

Ekho Black MagicOver the next week, anymore for anymore before I'm all Ekho'd out :0)

email me

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Time to share.......

When I was a little girl I often went to stay with my Grandparents in Huddersfield, on one occasion it was for a week or two, I think mum and dad had bogged off to France and dumped my brother and I there, not that we minded we were spoilt rotten. One evening after a thorough scrubbing with Imperial Leather from Nana in the bath we were ritually wrapped up in dressing gowns with horlicks in one hand and a kit-kat in the other winding down for bed. Grandad appeared and announced that we were going on an adventure and that we all had to get in the car, as we were! We had no idea where we were going, an hour or so later there we were parked up on the front at Blackpool in our pyjamas, eating fish and chips from Harry Ramsdens watching the Illuminations from the car, it was magic! One of my fondest childhood memories of my Grandparents.

It's just a year since Grandad passed away which put me in mind of him a lot, so it was wonderful to relive that memory with my own children recently. We took them to Blackpool and enjoyed the very best Blackpool had to offer, Harry Ramsden's fish 'n' chips, a ride on the big wheel on central pier, a horse and carriage ride all the way along the seafront, Blackpool Rock and of course the Illuminations, but this time aboard the Illuminations Tour open top tram! I have to say it was fantastic, the children were mesmerised, and I LOVED it, all of it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cooking up a Storm

Hello Peeps,
Oh dear, has it really been that long!
Well, onwards and upwards, I have good news, I made some beads! :0)
After a dry spell my tattered mojo has been reignited by a wonderful new tutorial, 'Taking Reduction Glass by Storm' by Amy Kinsch. I love this tutorial because is is technique based and works with silver glass which I adore.
The technique teaches you how to create storm like effects in your beads, I'm trying my best to get some work out ready to list, in the mean time I hope you enjoy these, mesmerising!