Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday July 7th

Such a fantastic day, Libby (my 5 year old) learnt to ride her bike today, it was magic!

A friend of Libby's was five at the weekend and was presented with a bicycle with 'no stabilisers' Libby (who is six in less that two weeks) was rather perturbed when the friend was able to master the art of cycling within about an hour on the same day. She's had a fire in her belly for the last few days, insisting that I make a 'pinky promise' to teach her to ride every night after school whatever the weather, 'she must be able to ride a bike before she's six'.

Day two today and after a few minutes I was able to let go and to her delight run along side the bike, all her friends came out on their bikes to offer support and followed her around for about two hours.

Partly relieved but mostly thrilled we were all quick to heap huge praise on her in recognition of her achievement, in response Libby was quick to point out, "Yes and I'm only five!"

Eivie (my four year old) was unusually quiet, happy to take a back seat and let Libby have her moment, intently watching events unfold. I have a feeling it won't be long before we're back round the green, I can't think where they get their competitiveness from ;)

Kate x

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